Lock Nut, Single-Acting, Gravity-Return Cylinders
Our high tonnage hydraulic cylinders are designed to provide superior durability and side-load (eccentric load) protection 

  • Lock nut provides positive and safe mechanical load holding
  • Low-friction locking rings spin easy, save time and effort
  • Designed to withstand 10% side-load up to 90% of maximum stroke
  • Hardened surface resists side-loading and cyclic wear
  • Overflow port as stroke limiter to prevent plunger blow-out
  • Weather protected, inside and out
  • Replaceable bearings enclose the plunger for support throughout the stroke
  • Certified lifting eyes and base mounting holes
  • Return Assisted Electric Pumps with Venturi Valve Technologyprovide faster retraction speed and improves the productivity of single acting cylinders, see the accessories tab for more information


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